Arasur, intermodal Logistics Platform

The industrial and logistics industrial state is characterized by a wide offer of industrial land and latest generation industrial and logistics warehouses, all integrated in a safe environment.

Arasur is a society formed by Kutxabank, Diputacion Foral de Alava, Basque Government, Ribera Baja local council and Merlin Parques Logísticos

Located in Alava, next to the city of Miranda de Ebro, Arasur owns an strategic site in the hearth of one of the main industrial areas in mainland Spain, with a population above 4,5 million habitants in a 100km ratio.

Due to its location, Arasur is consolidated as an industrial and logistics landmark in northern Spain for the distribution of loads in the Iberian Peninsula and Europe, as well as in an important area of support for logistics activities at the Vitoria international airport and from the ports of Bilbao, Pasajes and Santander.

The Arasur Multimodal Logistics Platform is configured as a Terminal of the Sea Port of Bilbao, connected by rail and road shuttles, located within the axis formed by the Atlantic Rail Freight Corridor.

Logistics Platform Arasur, Avda. Álava, s/n 01213 Ribabellosa (Álava)
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